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Black & Decker Kitchen Wand Review: A multipurpose immersion blender

Jul 09, 2023Jul 09, 2023

Updated August 28, 2023

The list of handheld appliances you need in your kitchen can be dizzying. From frothing a morning latte to blending butternut squash soup to beating egg whites for meringue, every task seems to require its own specialized tool—and they can be tough to keep track of. Enter the Black & Decker Kitchen Wand (available at Amazon for $135.86) , a cordless handheld tool that wants to replace your immersion blender, hand mixer, can opener, and more. We recommend this do-it-all appliance for folks short on space in their cabinet drawers, but warn against its blending capabilities with difficult ingredients and charging inconveniences.

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Can complete a variety of kitchen tasks

Dishwasher safe attachments

Charging upkeep can be frustrating

Struggles with tough ingredients

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The Black & Decker Kitchen Wand can come with up to six accessories to stretch its versatility.

Although this appliance may look like your typical immersion blender, it boasts far more capabilities—taking it from a "one-in-a-while" tool to an everyday workhorse.

The 4-in-1 Kitchen Wand model we tested comes with five attachments: an immersion blender, food chopper, hand mixer, can opener, and mixing cup. But there's an even wider set you can opt for—the Kitchen Wand 6-in-1 multi tool set includes the immersion blender, along with a whisk, milk frother, wine opener, can opener, and salt and pepper grinder attachments.

Since this is a cordless handheld appliance, it also comes with a charging dock that's easy to plug into the wall and rest your Kitchen Wand on when it's not in use. And the top of the handle will display how much battery life is left in the machine via three lit-up segments.

We loved using this tool without having to fumble with wires and outlets.

Although we love having an immersion blender at the ready for tasks like blending soups, sauces, and single-serve smoothies, the cord can often get in the way. It can be tough to find a nearby outlet in kitchen spaces, and dropping the cord in a messy liquid is an inconvenience we know all too well.

The Kitchen Wand doesn't have that problem. You can take it anywhere—from the stovetop to the countertop—without having to worry about messing with clunky cords. It's also extremely comfortable to hold and use, even for long periods of time, thanks to its lightweight build and ergonomic handle.

The speed dial at the top of the Kitchen Wand is easy to adjust, even while in use.

The speed dial at the top of the Kitchen Wand offers five different speeds for ultimate customization in every task. We found this was especially helpful when using the immersion blender and hand mixer attachments, which often call for a variety of speeds depending on the recipe you're working with.

The hand mixer attachment is an excellent baking tool (that won't monopolize cabinet space).

The main lure of this product is that it can replace several appliances in your kitchen with one space-saving tool.

Beyond its obvious immersion blender capabilities, you can transform this tool into a milk frother, whisk, can opener, hand mixer, spice grinder, wine bottle opener, and food processor, without having to monopolize your cabinet space.

The 6-in-1 set even comes with handy storage bins to keep all the accessories organized, so that you'll know exactly where to find them when you need them. You can also use the storage case to bring your set with you if you're traveling for the holidays (and don't want to cook without your Kitchen Wand).

Cleaning the Kitchen Wand was a breeze—even with stuck-on foods—thanks to its dishwasher-safe accessories.

The convenience of this appliance doesn't end when you're finished cooking. Many of the accessories—like the food chopper bowl, beaters, and whisk—are dishwasher-safe. And even the hand-washing attachments, like the immersion blender, we found to be extremely easy to clean (without dangerous exposure to blades).

Although we love the cordless convenience of the Kitchen Wand, it does have its downsides. During testing, we had to face the reality of the battery dying in the middle of a partially blended batch of butternut squash soup.

And because this appliance doesn't accept batteries, it will need to be returned to the charging dock when the battery dies—which could leave you in an unfortunate situation while you're cooking.

Just be sure to keep your eye on the battery life with this appliance and charge it after every use to ensure you don't get stuck with a half-blended smoothie or soup.

We noticed several large pieces that were not fully blended during the pesto test, especially along the sides of the jar.

When we tested the Kitchen Wand head-to-head against our favorite immersion blenders, we noticed its shortcomings with blending more difficult ingredients.

Although the food processor attachment broke down basil leaves and walnuts for pesto, some larger pieces were left behind; we had to manually scrape leftovers down in order to get the ingredients to fully combine.

And the food processor attachment had trouble breaking down frozen fruit and flaxseeds in our smoothie-making test.

Less difficult tests, though, like whipped cream and butternut squash soup, were handled easily by the Kitchen Wand.

The Kitchen Wand is incredibly versatile, and it's great for folks short on space in the kitchen.

This appliance is a fantastic space-saving machine that can tackle a variety of everyday kitchen tasks. Even though it has a tendency to struggle with certain foods compared to other immersion blenders we've tested, it can manage a much wider range of tasks than its competitors.

If you're looking for more of a heavy-duty immersion blender to help with more basic tasks, though, consider our winning GE Immersion Blender.

The Black and Decker Kitchen Wand 4-in-1 can blend, mix, chop, and open cans with the four included attachments.

The Black & Decker Kitchen Wand 6-in-1 can blend, whisk, froth, and more with the six included attachments.

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